Try Testing engineers in Salt Lake City, If they cant do it they may know a lab that can

On Tue, Jun 2, 2015 at 9:20 PM, stuart rosen <> wrote:
I have a client of mine who wants to install  marble on an exterior patio.
The area is basically about 4800 sq feet.
He has found a CREMA EDA marble form Turkey that he would like to use.
The pieces are 23.75" X 23.75" dimension.
They are 1.25"thick.
He wants to be able to make a comparison of 2 stones that would be suitable to be specified in this exterior area that is exposed to the elements and be durable enough to weather New York seasons.
He would like to compare it to a high quality true Italian Botticino.
Maybe a tumbled or brushed Botticino classic.
He would like to have the stones analyzed by a lab that specializes in this type of testing.
I have a found a few places that may be OK to test at.
Does anyone know a good lab where I could get this done for the client.
Any thoughts on this project are truly welcomed.

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