I would explain crack tiles are mainly due to poor installation. Not buttering the back of the tile during instal and it can leave the tile unsupported and week say under a corner maybe. One steps on it just right and it snaps like a potato chip. You can’t help that. You may help prove by tapping on it and listen for a hollow sound. Good luck

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My techs did a job last week. Cleaned a porcelain floor and replaced some missing grout. Now the homeowner is calling and complaining  that we cracked one of her tile and it is our responsibility to replace. I would appreciate how you would respond to this problem. All we did was scrubbed the floor with 17 inch machine, worked the grout lines with grout brushes. Then replaced missing grout.

My contention is that a properly installed tiles should never crack and that we can not be held responsible. That possible cleaning the floor removed the dirt and exposed the crack. Now she does keep a clean house but the grout lines where really dirty and dramatic difference after we serviced the floor.

Thanks for your help !

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