ok send me one also.
Hector castillo

From: "stuart rosen" <mail@stoneshine.com>
To: sccpartners@stoneandtilepros.simplelists.com
Sent: Friday, August 28, 2015 1:24:35 PM
Subject: clean ups

My kids and their friends forced me to find a stainless steel cleaner that actually worked. 
What was really cool was they work great on stone jobs.
These wipes have an abrasive side and a soft side.
They are a bit wet so wear gloves to use them-use a soft cloth or microfiber for the final buff.
You know how those splatters from all the stuff we do manages to end up on clients stainless steel.
Commercial jobs and residential jobs-stainless has at one time or another been a pain in the ass.
We haven't put them on sale yet-maybe by Monday.
If any one would like a container to keep in the truck and try(no charge) just let me know your address , well send you one.
Stu Rosen


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