Is it attached to the surface you are trying to lift it off of?
Do the cracked pieces come out-hard to see the pic-is it in a well.
Are the broken pieces on the outside or random.
Does it have to come off-

On Tue, Dec 1, 2015 at 6:53 PM, Baird Standish <> wrote:
Hi gang. Here is an interesting problem. I have a large 6x4 or so travertine table that was dropped by some movers and some areas were cracked all the way through. Repairing it is probably not a big deal-the pieces will probably glue back pretty easily. But the problem is lifting the table out of the table (it is about 300 lbs) without it all falling apart. I am thinking about getting suction cups and lifting it so that the whole thing is balanced over the edge, with a blanket in place to protect the wood, and then gluing and clamping the pieces back. The underside of the tabletop is covered so I can't push it up from below. I tried lifting with my fingers but it's not moving. Wondered if anyone has any other ideas.

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