Hi Richard

Steam clean the grout 250.00

Cut out bad grout re-grout as needed at 350.00 and more if needed hourly rate you pick the rate.

Hone marble 250.00 more at 200 to 500 grit clean up stone and the grout a bit.

Seal the shower 4 days later ad 150.00

Charge for supplies nothing is free.

Buff if needed.

I hope this helps I can sometimes get 800.00 to 1200.00 for cleaning repairing and sealing

Hector Castillo

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Subject: Marble shower floor


Partners any suggestions to restore a shower floor with years of use. I believe it is a tumbled marble.


Thanks for any ideas!


ProSteem Carpet Care, Inc

Great American Rug Cleaning Co

Great American Stone Care


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