We do coating stripping all the time on Mex-Pavers and stone using Methylene chloride with no problems as long as you use the right one,  have ventilation and charge enough for it, but we have had our “ brain numbing choking experiances to to t oto.”  So I don’t blame you. But Friday we masked off to do a coating strip with Meth-chloride and one of my techs did a test first with this stuff we call “BLUE STONE SOAP”. It stripped it right off. But of course it wasn’t that thick either. Its called “Specialty Cleaner 6106” from DB Water Tech, Alen Bateman 1(480)838-9004. I think its like $1,400? For a 55 Gal drum. It’s a very high alkaline water base stripper. Diluted down we use it for so many things. But full strength it’s the strongest water base stripper I’ve ever used. After 15 minutes we scrub with a 20” 50grit nylon bristle scrub pad and do a high pressure hot water Vacuum extraction. With the truck.



Tony DeLuna


Patriot Stone Restoration

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Hi Partners,


What are your recommendations on removing topical coatings? We have used the paint stripper with methylene chloride, but would like to get away from that. We have heard soda blasting can be effective. Any info/advise would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!



Doug Smith

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