I picked up 2 Festool orbital sanders and a vac from a local woodworking store. Used them dry with screens ( different grits) to complete a project at the National Archives here in DC. They do a great job honing, quickly,  cleanly and consistent finish. Just something to look into. Good luck.


On Feb 18, 2016 8:53 PM, "Mike M" <nulifesc@bigpond.com> wrote:
I have a client with 41 units all with marble kitchens. They don’t want to pay for Clearseal, and my CrystalCote film didn’t hold up to his slicing with a knife (go figure).

They had someone come in and do some sort of topical and they said it is doing well. They want a bid from me to do the same which I will do shifting all liability of possible short lifespan off to them. 

I was thinking of using TK6 from Richard James, after prep sanding with a 120 or 220 nickel pad. or a random orbital with paper. I have to see what the sealer will fill in. 

Any ideas regarding methods, prep, application pads, etc?

This is the stone, like a white breccia something. 

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