Most scratches on soapstone can be removed with regular sandpaper. 80 to 200 grit will take care of most of them. If you're going to put mineral oil on it as a final step, you shouldn't need to worry about the whole slab, as the oil will hide most minor blemishes.

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I need advice on two issues;

1. Soap Stone top with scattered scratches. Not much soap stone around her. What is the best abrasives to remove random scratches on soap stone? Plus do I need to service all of the stone or just the scratched area?

2. Next one is directed mostly to Stu. AB with slight pitting all over the stone. Barely can see the pits , but makes the stone feel bumpy. Customer not happy  ! Would dying MB 20 black and polishing the top be the trick to fill the pits?

Please see attached pictures.


Roger @ Restoration Stoneworks 
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