We use Fords. We have an E350 and the rest are the Transits. We also have one diesel which doesn't give us many issues but when it does, Ford is the only one to service it. We looked at the Nissan 2000 but found it to bulky for the City. (That means Manhattan the only City)


On Aug 3, 2016 4:42 PM, "Johann Sebastian" <johann@stoneshine.net> wrote:
​Hi Guys, I am glad someone started a thread regarding vehicle suggestions. I am looking to purchase vehicles to replace my aging fleet which is mainly comprised of Ford E-150s (which are good reliable vehicles in my opinion​) and also our CHEVY/GMC Express & Savannas (terribly cheap quality!).

My choices are:

Nissan NV1500
Dodge Sprinter

I appreciate any feedback on above mentioned options...

Thank You,
Johann Sebastian

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