It could be crystallised mineral salts (insoluble salts) which will not come out. or (more likely) the grout color wicking in. This is why you always use white thinnest with limestone and white stones, and could get this with natural gray grout. First thing I would do is to wait a bit longer, maybe put some heat on it, see what happens. 

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Got this email some suggestions on cause and a remedy
Thank you

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I am sendding you some pictures.
this projecctwas done in mid March. Mason told us that these stains will disappear as it is  caused by moisture absobed by stone . we have been waitng for. five months with not much luck. He thinks is caused by alkaline staining.
I wonder if there some way to remove these stains. He is suggesstig paiting the fireplace.
Thanks for your very prompt response
Haresh Mehta







Haresh Mehta

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