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Hi Partners,

This consumers question is quite long. If you have some ideas please respond.
Thanks much for your help.

Hi, I have recently renovated a 1960's ranch home with a flagstone entryway. Painters left several areas on floor with paint and did not clean it up. Didn't bother calling them to clean it...had enough of them in my house! After looking online (wish I found your website first!!), I first scraped off what I could, then applied goof off in a few areas. It did not completely take it off so then rather sloppily put rubbing alcohol on the floor and it spread all over the floor. BIG mistake! The white paint spread all over the floor. I called several places and ended up going to a tile store and bought Indigo Scrub-it took most of the deep staining out but there is still some white peeping through on both the grout and stone. Before doing anything else, what do you recommend? I have cleaned the floor with warm water to make sure all the Indigo Scrub is off and if possible want to get the flagstone back to where there is not white residue. The grout is colored so did not use any hydrogen peroxide. If I have to apply the polstice, I'll want to do the entire entryway since there was quite a bit of paint...hence a lot of 'etching'. I'd rather not re-do the whole floor so wondering if anything else will pull out the remaining white in the stone. I could apply the Indigo Scrub again if needed before finally sealing the stone. Thank you!


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