A picture would be really help us answer-
As far as the calcium staining or streaking an acidic cleaner as mild as vinegar or one that is stronger like stone tech restore would be a good way to start on he walls.
Use a medium stiff brush and a sponge to work the chemical and remove the streaking. Then use a neutral cleaner to finish.
As far as the wood stain stains-paint stripper should be all they need-
All that being said-I would recommend finding a bona fide stone re- finisher and hiring them to handle this work for you-

On Wed, Dec 14, 2016 at 1:57 PM, Doug Smith <dugorlando@gmail.com> wrote:
Hi Partners,

We have a consumer with the following issue.
Yes, another fireplace, hearth problem.
If you have suggestions for this consumer please let me know.

Thanks again for your help.


 Hi There!

We have a natural field stone fireplace. There was a leak in our roof/ceiling that has caused a lot of water damage and streaking over the years. How can we remove the water stains from white grout and field stone?

Also, on the hearth, it appears that the previous owners spilled wood stain on the stone. I looked at your guide for how to remove the stain, it said to use commercial paint remover and Stone Poultice Powder. Is this Stone Poultice Powder the mixture of flour and peroxide?

Thank you!

~Excited to remove these nasty stains!

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