Hi Partners,

Consumer has provided images to support her stain issues.
If you have any fixes for her and can answer her questions please let me know.


Thank you! I have also attached photos here now to make sure we were on the same page with these stains.

FullSize Render (1) (Rebecca 1) is the stain on the hearth of the fireplace. This I believe was produced by wood stain that spilled on it.
- Will a simple paint stripper still work on this?

FullSize Render(Rebecca 2) shows water stains as well as rust stains; there's a steel rod that comes out of the grout there. Water dripping down the wall and rod caused it to rust. How can we remove these rust stains on the grout?

IMG_5376 (Rebecca 3) shows straight water stains on the grout and stones. Can vinegar with a medium stiff brush and sponge work to remove these stains?

- Also should it be white vinegar?

- I can use the designated vinegar on both the grout and stone?

Thank you so much. I'm looking forward to a weekend project of cleaning stains! ;)

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