Hi Partners,

We've had a frantic call from a design firm. They have just had very costly new countertops installed in a client's multi-million dollar home and they are looking to us for advice / direction.

I've prepared a quick document for you to see multiple images of the two issues:  https://indd.adobe.com/view/08d249c9-0901-4a87-9e2e-3db296c0d4de

  1. Bad seam. The seam itself looks bad, but more importantly look at the chip repair. 
  2. Spots. ("My stone fabricator was installing Marble in my client’s kitchen when they pointed out spots on the white marble - the marble is Calacattta Colorado Satin 3cm purchased through Arizona Tile and Stone. They look like oil spots - the formation of them look like a “splash” mark across the marble. Please see attached images below and let me know your thoughts - I would greatly appreciate your guidance and expertise!")

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