I would think this is related to the ground moisture level and the install.
Have you checked the stone with a moisture meter.
I have a feeling you will be getting high readings.
I would think the sealer had nothing to do with why this happened .
However sealing stones that are positive for moisture can be an issue.
It is like a barrier for moisture getting out.
Moisture from above isnt generally the cause of spalling its moisture from below.

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On Jan 6, 2017, at 6:17 PM, Tony Deluna <tndeluna@gmail.com> wrote:

Hey Pro's 

I have a job that has Brushed Bateig blue Limestone Tiles 18x18 installed on an upper exterior deck. Lots of trees not a lot of direct sun light. Wet wooded area. In Orinda, central California 

The brand new installed tiles are starting to Spall. 

I sealed it with 511 Pours Plus. 

Water absorbs into small micro veins it freezes then pops out little chips. Then it looks black under because no sealer

The Limestone was Purchased from Annsacks.com by the customer or designer. 

The web site says its rated for exterior use and also freezing and thaw temperatures. 

Does any one know any other rating source I can find to back that up?

The GC said this customer has been extremely difficult on all aspects of construction and will probably try to make any one who ever worked on it or touched it pay for a new tear out & instal. 

Also has anyone seen this or know how to prevent it?

Getting my ducks in a row

Thanks guys 

Tony DeLuna
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