That looks like one very tough stain to remove-If the candle was scented then they you have to address the oil used for the scent as well.
So if it isnt scented this may go easier-no matter what it wont be "easy"
Going to need patience for this one-
Wear chemical resistant gloves and a respirator for solvents.
First lets see if they can use some solvents to dissolve the wax-they would want to try Xylene and or Toluene.
They will need to mask off the adjoining surrounding area and floor using a plastic drop cloth.
I have done this on a horizontal surface but not on a vertical surface which I think will make it much more difficult.
I would use some white rags and just blot(let the solvent soak into the sandstone) the stain starting from the highest point and down.
Then use a high quality paper towel to soak the solvent and hopefully the stain out of the stone-
Its going to be tedious work-
Then repeat using denatured alcohol and let dry-I doubt the stain will be gone and next I would try a more traditional poultice using paint thinner and diatomaceous earth
mixed together(peanut butter consistency). The trick will be getting it to stick to the wall. Try placing on a piece of saran wrap and then sticking to the wall.Try and do it in sections.
Keep covered over nite and then remove the wrap. It should come off easily-let the mixture totally dry out and see what is left.
May need to be repeated.
However my best advice to you is hire an stp pro.
I think you will be glad you did.
Good Luck-

On Wed, Jan 4, 2017 at 1:26 PM, Doug Smith <> wrote:
Hi Partners,

Please see attached image.
This consumer placed an unlit decorative candle on her fireplace mantel.
The mantel is sand stone.
The candle melted from the heat generated by the fireplace and the wax stained the mantel.
Consumer would like to know how best to remove the stain.

Please let me know your ideas.



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