As far as the Lippagenis is concerned, I would put a clause into my contract that says I'm not responsible for picture framing. Would be worth testing with a large propane burnisher. We recently polished a ceramic floor that had cross hatching from the packing materials. We used Vortex pads and they took out the cross hatching and added a level of gloss. NCL ceramic restore crème should also work.
On Thu, Jan 19, 2017 at 3:44 PM Mike Alston <> wrote:

Good afternoon partners, received a call from a mall to clean and polish 33,400 square feet of ceramic tile. There is lippage all over but the customer wants wants to clean and polish first. Afterwards they want lippage removed and broke tile replaced. Don't want to polish and clean without repairing first, but the customer is adamant that's the order they want the work to be done. My thoughts initially would be a maintenance schedule which they seem to be one to. Any thoughts would be appreciated.

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