First I would try a test cleaning it with a paper towel and lacquer thinner. 
If that doesn't work, I would try and oscillating sander with a vacuum attachment and possibly a 320 grit sandpaper or one that keeps the finish the same without scratching it up.

 Using a diamond impregnated soft pad on a polisher with a spray bottle of water or powder Horning would be my last resort only because of all the cleanup. 

With all those grout joints cleaning them out will probably take more time then restoring the surface of the tiles. Then reseal it with 511. 

 Good luck to you

Tony DeLuna

On Jan 20, 2017, at 12:21 PM, Doug Smith <> wrote:

Hi Partners

If you have some ideas for this consumer please let me know.

Consumer has sent the image attached as well.

Thanks much,


So, on Saturday 1/14/17, I had a mosaic glass & limestone backsplash installed in my bathroom. The tile is from Dal-Tile: Limestone Collection Gris et Blanc Rain Drop DA19.

I did some research and learned that it is important to seal the tile before installation so the grout will not stain the limestone. I sealed the tops of the tile with Miracle 511 Impregnator & Sealer. The sealing went fine, and the stones returned to their oiginal matte/chalky finish once dry, which is what I wanted.

The tile was installed and the grout used was Laticrete's Premium Pro Epoxy in color Platinum. The grout looks terrific, but the limestone now looks "enhanced". It is at least 2 shades darker than it should be. There is no "picture framing" effect. It's a solid darkening across every tile. The glass tiles appear to be unaffected.

I contacted Laticrete and they thought that it was perhaps caused by epoxy haze (I cannot see any haze on the tiles), and they suggested using StoneTech Klenzall to see if that would lift the haze/stain. I tried that last night, but the improvement was minimal to none.

I'm hoping that you might have some experience with how to fix this darkening of my tile. I looked for a poultice recipe for epoxy resin staining, but couldn't find anything.

I've attached a picture that shows what the tile should look like and and how it turned out.


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