Funny. I recently ordered from two places and they were not a true 17", not even close. Very frustrating. Found a place to order some custom made and should have an extra one I can spare. 17" od and 6.25" id. 1/2" high density neoprene. These are blank on both sides and need to be glued on, or you can stick on Velcro. Mine are getting glued onto 1/2" steel plates I had made.

If you want really thick and soft ISS has them with Velcro on both sides. They put a lot of work into finding the right rubber and I got one and they look cool. Can't wait to try.  

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On 21 Mar 2017, at 6:27 pm, Blain Haeg <> wrote:

Looking for a new soft or rubber riser for my 90 lb floor machine. Any recommendations?
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