Hi Anthony. We have restored quite a lot of Mexican tile in our day. The main issue isn't the sealer, it is what it will take to get any old sealer off and repair the grout if necessary. I always underestimate how long it takes to get tough sealants off. But sometimes it isn't so hard. I would highly recommend that you do a test. I would never not do a test. I have learned my lesson. 
As for sealants, I am a devotee of Aldon products -SBS sealer, Porous Stone sealer and Mexiglaze . These 3 products are more or less the same concoction with progressively more solids, so you can mix them and cut them with lacquer thinner. Go to Aldon Chemicals website and check them out.  Aldon Products stink like crazy but probably not an issue outdoors.  Stone glamour is another similar product but I haven't used it. I have used Drytreat Intensifia indoors and the stuff is great and doesn't have as strong an odor, but it is really expensive. 

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On Apr 14, 2017, at 1:08 PM, Anthony Godoy <agodoy4894@gmail.com> wrote:

Hello partners my name is Anthony Godoy and I'm new in the tile care  Business. I have an opportunity to strip clean and reseal a Mexican tile pool deck. please suggest pricing per square foot and products to use on this project? Attached you will see pictures of the tile and the condition of it. Any assistance will be greatly appreciated.

By the way this tile was sealed when it was installed 20 years ago FYI
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