I use festool sanders. I use the Rotex for aggressive Sanding and the orbital 150 for finishing (say taking the surface from 100 to 800).    We usually just use diamonds to remove a surface because the sander is slow. But the orbital will give you a really nice honed or satin finish. Also the only way to go with corian. I connect to their hepa filtered vacuum and run dry. I have been using Sia papers and fleeces. I haven't used trizact papers, but Stu says they are great. By the way, the festool sanders also work well on brass. 

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On Apr 29, 2017, at 8:31 PM, Tony Warney <tony@excelstoneandtilecare.com> wrote:

I think someone posted about a sanding machine for marble?
Maybe it was Stu?

Tony Warney
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