Dear work associates,

I appreciate each time you answered my call on the blog for help. And, I've met so many wonderful people. The association pays attention and helps all of its members. I appreciate belonging to SCCPROS. But, I am in a family situation such that I will need to move to MN for at least a year and though my young business is really taking off now, I have to close it.

Attached you will find my inventory list for sell and if you are in need or interested, I will be happy to talk to you about it. I would love to see someone come to Jacksonville or open a second location here because the market is really good. This was my year to concentrate on commercial. Little did I know that I would be closing. This came about after Christmas but before New Years.

If you know someone who you might feel is interested, please pass this on or call me so. 

I appreciate your time and wish you a prosperous New Year. 
Shirley Falcon
225-803-5657 (my cell)
Falcon Floor and Surface Care, LLC
Telephone:  904-800-1525