Hello Partners.
Thank you in advance for any help you can share with me.  I was called by a prospect to evaluate their travertine floor in the master bath and when I was measuring the floor I noticed this problem growing on their shower floor.  This seems to be a salt (or some substance ) that is up to 3 inches wide and a 1/4 to 3/8 inch high.  Can efflorescence turn into a hard mass like this considering this shower is used every day?  Also, there is really not an evidence of mold growing elsewhere in the shower.
My situation is that I want to get a sharp chisel and hammer at an angle and try and break it loose, but I am worried about  cracking the travertine.  You can see in the photo that the mass follows the grout lines.  If I use an acid it will etch out the tiles.  Is this a job for me or a demo team and a tile installer?

Thanks again,
Barry Raduta
Diamond Stone & Tile Care

Thank You,
Barry V Raduta
Diamond Stone & Tile Care-South
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