We recently completed a job where we needed such a product.  I would recommend talking with the folks at SureCrete.  They have some great coatings that we have used over the years.  The only one I haven't liked is a water based epoxy.  Otherwise, they have some great options.  Let them know that you need something that has a thicker mil coverage.  Ask for Andrew at the corporate office.  I have been pretty happy with their products.  Other companies might offer the same thing but this can get you started with your search.  Good luck

Joyce Harris

From: <> on behalf of Anthony Godoy <>
Sent: Monday, June 4, 2018 6:27:01 AM
Subject: Coating for Coral
Hi partners,

I have a potential customer that has Coral inside her home. This customer said she is tired of the holes that is present. She doesn't want them filled with fillers. She explained to me she visited a museum that had the same material, but had a clear coating that covered the floor and filled the holes. This is the look she would like us to accomplish. Does anyone know of a product like this? 

Anthony Godoy
Godoy Stoneworks and Tile Care

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