Yes I have run into this problem many times. After you remove the poultice I would take some dry poultice powder and sprinkle it on the dark area. This should wick out the remaining solvent, etc

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Hello Partners,

We have been doing poultice stain removals for years here in Arizona and never had any problems. Lately like the last year or so we have had poultices, once the stain has been stay wet and darken the area for weeks 4-6 weeks after the removal. Is anyone else running into something like this.?? We use methylated chloride with diatomaceous earth most of the time but depending on the stain we will change the solvent.  It doesn’t seem to matter what the solvent is we still have to wait weeks for it to fully dry. Any suggestions or if you guys have been running into this it would be great to know.  This is happening on granite tops mostly to us.


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