We have six PulseBac vacuums from CDC Larue and we have six vacuums from Dust Ram which are a pulsing vacuum as well. These vacuums require quite a bit of maintenance; however they self clean the filters and when they are working they work really well. We use ours in our dust free tile removal business where we are the Factory Certified DustRam Affiliate. 

But we also use Ermators. We have the S-36 for 110 volt and we also have a T7500 which is 220 volt. 

Ermators need to be manually purged occasionally but they contain the dust in a drop down bag and they have really good HEPA filtration along with available pre-separators. 

Given the high frequency of maintenance with the pulsing vacuums, I would lean towards the Ermator.

Jeff Hammons
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On Thu, Jul 19, 2018 at 12:46 AM hector castillo <hectorcastillo@comcast.net> wrote:

Hello partners

My USED old cement vacuum is dying.

Looking for a upgrade from the Blastrac 1216.

I also have a pulsebac which is older also.

Pulsebac sometime need lots of work with broken wire connections.

Looking for some that will last and not break down.

Vacuum used for cement grinding and demo jobs where big chunks of grout go in to the vacuum.

Hector Castillo

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