Fantasy Brown-its gets sold as Quartzite,Marble and or Granite.

It will be straight forward to hone just tedious.
Possible to use 70 then 120 grit electroplated pads then transition to a copper pad like a 120 or 220 then finish with honing powders.
It is classified as a marble-looks better honed-

On Fri, Aug 3, 2018 at 2:48 PM, <> wrote:
My fabricator client installed this granite countertop and the homeowner decided they wanted honed instead.
Backsplash tile has already been installed.
Mechanically honing this is probably impossible at this point. I tried putting some acid on these samples and was able to get a very little reaction. Apparently there is some calcium in this material. The fabricator sells it as a marble.
Has anybody had experience with some type of chemical to get a nice even hone?

Thank you,
Chris Santospago
Restoration by Design Stone

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