I have found that you have to use quality diamonds. Such as the Alphas. Bring up to a higher grit and avoid high acid polishes

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Hello all,

Just curious if anybody has some good techniques to bring back Thassos 100%.
I am kind of OCD and has always bothered me that I can never get it perfect like factory finish. We go up to 1800 and then MB22 and also Dia-glo as a final wet to dry buff.
Can usually get it good and acceptable to the client but to me it still has that slight cloudiness.
I spent several months doing post construction punchlist items (mostly marble floors and vanity tops) in this building in Boston. 157 units and they all have Thassos on the shower walls. They only asked me to do a few repairs on those but I noticed many areas they didn’t. The building is only about 50% sold so I am sure potential buyers will notice and I want to be prepared.
Walls are tough enough especially Thassos.
Anybody have any secrets?

Thank you,
Chris Santospago
Restoration by Design Stone

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