Stone restoration class with MB Stone Stuart Young (14 Dec 2018 11:30 EST)
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Stone restoration class with MB Stone Stuart Young 14 Dec 2018 11:30 EST

While things are a bit slow on this board, I wanted to give a shoutout to Stu Rosen and MB-Stone for a terrific stone restoration class that we were able to attend a couple months back. This was actually our second visit to the Original Stone Restoration Class, our first being several years ago in New Jersey, and Stu was kind enough to have us out to North Carolina for another class at no charge!

As we have come to find out, the stone restoration business is both a science and an art and there isn’t always a set system to get things done. That is one thing I really appreciated about this course - we would cover multiple ways to attack a problem while keeping in mind WHY each method might be more or less effective depending on the case. So many different tools/products are available to use and try out that you can get a handle on what might work well for you back at home immediately and what things you may just keep in mind for a future project. The bulk of the class is hands-on, so you can make immediate application of things you are learning (although I can’t imagine doing that any other way!)

Because we went to a small class (a hurricane prevented many form attending), we pretty much were able to dive into things that were of biggest interest to us, but we covered so many things - polishing countertops, working on engineered stone, filling and repairing stone, polishing floors, honing, antiquing, poultices - all on many stone types and conditions.

Stu has a ton of experience and knowledge but he’s as interested in exploring new solutions as anybody.  That made things so much more fun and realistic - because every new job is a new job.  Sometimes you just need to explore. But if you have a knowledge of the methods and tools available, there’s usually a solution to be found - and even while on a job, Stu has always been available to us by phone to offer ideas.  Thanks to Stu and the MB-Stone crew for making our visits to both classes informative, fun, and comfortable. Would really like to attend another class sometime and would highly recommend it to the novice or the master!

Brian Wright
Stuart Young
Santa Fe Floor Care