granite darkening Brian Borgen (07 Jan 2019 09:29 EST)
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granite darkening Brian Borgen 07 Jan 2019 09:28 EST
Hello and Happy Monday partners,

I was recently at a home to take a look at some granite problems. The
granite has spots all around the counter-tops that are darkening. It
is darkening most right around the stove but it is also happening in a
few other areas maybe four or so feet away from the stove. She said
that they had never sealed the counters in their time at the house
(more than five or so years). My thinking was that due to the no
sealer compounded with all the other prep-work and cooking they are
doing that this is gradual staining? I am just wondering if there was
anything we could offer her service wise.

Thank you!

Brian Borgen
Project Manager
Atlantic Stone and Tile Care