Cement floor restoration csantospago@gmail.com 23 Feb 2019 18:00 EST
Hi partners,

Looked at this 15 year old cement floor today. Sections surrounded by hardwood. Most of the cement sections are slightly higher than the wood 🙏.
About 815 sq ft total of cement that is stained and has a topical (doesn’t scrape off with a blade).
They are looking to restore both cement and wood. Told them the cement would need to be first. Most of the sections are about 20” wide so a 13” or 17” floor machine will get most areas.
Haven’t really done any concrete floors yet so I’m looking for direction to strip (or grind) off topical and then restore/stain cement. Then apply another matte finish topical.
Will do a mock up first.
Appreciate any help on this.

Thank you,
Chris Santospago
Restoration by Design Stone

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