Quartzite fissures Tony Deluna 19 Dec 2019 11:37 EST
Hey Pros, has anyone seen this before???
We did some fissure polish repair on a Quartzsite Taj Mahal slab. It appears that after this slab was polished at the factory
and installed, ridges formed along some of the veins and large fissure lines.
Which to me sounds impossible!

One area was so bad it was like taking down a lipped edge on an uneven slab seam.
There were three main lines that branched out in different directions going up and down.
I asked the contractor if the slab had been broken and re-glued together. He said no but it was really brittle in some areas and difficult to cut.
You could see it in this pic after I started the diamond hone.
Anyone see this before?
Is this common only to this type of quartzite?

Tony DeLuna