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I would take it up step using a 1500 and even a 3000 grit velocity pad. I
have noticed that the 800 grit will leave a scratch pattern/track-marks on
softer stone. I use a stone/grout cleaner when using 400 - 800 grit velocity
pads, and a neutral cleaner with the 1500 - 3000 grits. The cleaner will
help to break the surface tension making cleanup easier and slow the
evaporation rate. I also keep a 2 gal sprayer with neutral cleaner close by
in case an area begins to dry. Good luck .....

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We've had a project this week that has sent us back to the drawing board.
Any advice would be most welcome.

We took on a job to hone a very light /white (when dry) limestone floor. The
floor is about seven years old and the new owner wanted us to re-hone the
floor imparting some gloss.  The floor was pretty dinged up.  We have had
success with honing marble to 400 or 800 grit with twister or velocity pads,
so in this case we honed up to 800 grit with the velocity pad (we tried some
honing powder but it left it pretty dull).  We got a pretty good gloss but
the floor started showing every minor track mark, swirl, and other
side-by-side zigzags leaving a very inconsistent look.  Also, we found it
nearly impossible to get up all the residue.  We then put the twister pad on
a burnisher, which gave it more gloss and a more even look but still we
could see the burnishing pattern and residue still wouldn't come out.
We tried wet and dry.  We then put some MB-8 on the floor, which helped, but
not much, and the more gloss we got the more minor imperfections were easily
seen.  The floor itself gets a lot of sunlight and is is not perfectly flat,
so waves in the floor could also be seen. Also the MB-8 didn't go down as
easily as on a polished floor.  The long and short of it is that we gook all
of the poly off by wet honing the floor with an 800 grit twister pad. The
floor now is completely smooth and clean with no imperfections but also very
in appearance with no gloss.   I suggested to the owner that he
either  go with the flat look or take the plunge and have us powder polish
the floor.  But I really would like to keep to a honed finish with  a little
gloss (similar to the way it was before).  Just can't
get away from  the track mark/ residue issue.   Here' are some picures
of the floor before we started.  Any help would be much appreciated.

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