Re: [sccpartners] Granite Floor maintenance program in restaurant Stephen Webb 29 Jul 2009 23:20 EDT

Baird, I have clients with older black granit tiles and another with pearl
blue 20years old and not a scratch. you may have a topical finish
(hopefully)  that should be removed. take a razor and try to scrape it off.
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> Hi,
> Was wondering if someone could give me some advice on how to structure
> a maintenance program for the following:
> We were contacted by an out of state contractor who handle maintenance
> for a multi-location high end restaurant.  They asked me to look at
> the floor situation in the  restaurant here and give them a
> recommendation for floor upkeep.  They themselves have no opinion as
> far as I can tell.  Before going into the restaurant, they told me
> that they thought the floors were marble and believed that companies
> in other cities honed and polished The floors.  I looked at the floors
> and it appears to be 1,800 sf of polished granite.  The granite tiles
> range from very black to white with different colors in between.  The
> floors all appears to be in very good shape, with the exception of the
> revolving door and two bathrooms.  In the main area, I don't think I
> could really do anything to make a noticeable improvement except
> clean.  The bathrooms, however, appear to be more beaten-up.  Not
> knowing granite as well as marble, I can't really tell if they are
> just dirty or need some polishing, or perhaps honing and polishing.
> The scratch patterns are not like what I usually see in marble, the
> floor is just not as crisp as it could be (see picture below).  There
> is also a circular black granite area corresponding to the revolving
> door that appears dull and perhaps caked with rubber from the
> flanges.  In any event, was wondering if anyone has some advice for a
> relative granite neophyte.
> Thanks,
> Baird
> Baird Standish
> Facility Specialists, LLC


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