RE: [sccpartners] black stains in travertine 26 Aug 2009 09:50 EDT


I'm reviewing the picture and in the picture the stone approximately 1 foot away from the stain the stone appears to be darker or is this just shadows in the picture.

Have you tested the stone for moisture using a moisture meter??
if not I would start there.

How long has the stone been down? is this a recent install?

Is the floor on a slab or is there a basement under the stone?

Before you can determine what cauesd the stain you need to see why the stone stained in the first place. Fixing the stain and not solving the problem is a great forumla for this stain to come back, especially if it being caused by moisture.

Now the fix.

The stain looks to me like it could be mold. if so try using a bleach solution to clean the stone. You may need to make a poultice using bleach.

First before going to the poultice route try using cleaning to clean the stone use a neutral cleaner and possibly a honing powder. you can even try cleaning with an alkaline based cleaner.

Caution!!! if you use a honing powdr be sure you have the correct grit to match the existing floor finish.

If the cleaning does not work then got the poultice route.

First and foremost try to find the source of the problem, then fix the problem.

You may find the problem is comiing from a leak or excisive moisture in that stone.

Hopes this helps

John E. Freitag

The Stone and Tile School

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Hello and thanks for any help you can give me on this. I sealed a travertine
floor with a hydophobic enhancing sealer about a month ago. The lady called
about an area of concern, so I went to see the problem. It's an area about
3-4 sq. ft. of blackish stain, looks like its coming from below, like black
mold. There is an attached picture of the area, the picture makes the area
look lighter than it is but you will get the idea. the sink,
referidgerator,and dish washer are no where near this area. whats your best
guess, and how would you deal with the stain?
Thanks agian

Don Kasch
Floor Restoration Specialists

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