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There are several options, first there seem to be a traffic pattern in from
of the doorway this area needs to be honed, you can probably hone it
starting with an 800 Granite diamond then 1500 grit, then hone to 3000  then
polish with granite polishing powders from StoneCare Central.

The areas that show no wear then just polish the stone using polishing

When polishing with granite polishing powder there is two way to polish

1. Use a hog hair or tan pad apply approximately 1 to 2 ounces of powder for
every 10 sq.ft.
2. apply a small amount of water from a spray bottle and spread the powder
over the 10 sq. ft area until dry  apply more water until all the powders
are burnt into the stone.

Other option

1 Use steel wool pad apply 1 to 2 ounces of granite powder on a 10 sq.ft.

2. Apply crystallizer to the powder to make the powder wet, then spread the
powder over the 10 sq.ft and polish until dry, from time to time apply
additional crystallizer until all powders are burnt into the stone.

3. After the floor is once polished with the granite polishing powders then
take a new Steel wool pad and buff over the stone adding a very light spray
of crystallizer this will add additional shine and color to the stone.

For additional help call me.

If you have never restored or honed granite, you may want to consider the
granite training that The Stone and Tile School offers, this is a 3 day
class specifically for granite training.

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The Stone and Tile School
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What do you people do to polish granite floors when you can spend too much
budget on them, client would like another option then complete grinding and
of course no waxing