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Can I assume this is the =same project we talked about the other day?? If so
then her are my comments.

1. The customer had been a royal pain for you.
2. You have already performed more services than you contract called for.
3. Did you contract state that you would stop the mold and efflorescence??
4. there is no way to stop this from happening in the future, the comments
from Lagana Tile would be one solution. BUT there is still no guarantee this
would stop the problem.
5. Are you equipped to cut out the grout insert the pipe etc. or are you
opening up a new can of worms????
6. If you elect to do this please write a separate contract for this work
and be sure in you contract you state this will help eliminate the problem
but there is NO guarantee it will stop the problem.
7. Make sure the stone is sealed extra good in those spots.
8. Tell the customer how they can remove the mold with a cleaning using
bleach water.
9. Get paid for the work you have already provided, once you receive payment
on the services performed than move onto the next project.

These are my comments based upon our discussion this week.

John E. Freitag
The Stone and Tile School
Office 407-567-7652
Cell 407-615-0134

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We have a customer with exterior flagstone.  In one area water tends
to gather and puddle causing lots of efflorescence and molds to grow
as it is also under lots of mature trees where the sun will not see it
much.  It looks as if the builder graded the yard in such a way that
all the rain water and sprinkler water gathers in that same spot on
the flagstone.  Do you have any thoughts or recommendations that might
help get the water to another location?

Thanks all!
Georgia Rivera

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