Re: [sccpartners] yellow stairs 15 Dec 2009 16:24 EST

> I have some granite rough cut stairs that have a yellow shade on about
> 75% of the stone that I could use some thoughts on how to remove the
> yellow. I have tested some good cleaners and some sealer remover with
> not a lot of luck. I am going to use GPC tomorrow and thought I would
> ask if anyone has ran into this and had some other thoughts for when we
> are there tomorrow. The granite is white in color with black grain.
> Kris
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> Kris,

Photos would help. In the past the yellow stains I've dealt with were the
result of sealer that was not entirely removed. Not having seen your issue
I'll take a shot in the dark. Try a heavy duty stripper. Make sure you
give it plenty of time to work. Remove stripper/rinse well. If that
doesn't work try to poultice the stone after that with your basic DE and
an agent. SEND PICTURES. Good luck.

Ron Moore
American Stone Care, Inc.
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