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The use of hot water and a good alkaline stripper will help. If you have
access to the pressure washing system they use for cleaning grout there is a
tool that will give you a 1/4 to 1/2 inch clean that would work.
I would approach the job the following way

1. apply an alkaline stripper using as hot water, the hotter the better
2. let the strip dwell for approximately 10 minutes
3. use the pressure washing system on the grout line and it should clean up.

Hope this helps

Happy Holiday to All

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Wondered i anyone has a good solution for removing wax deposits from grout
on a tile floor. It appears that the floor once had been waxed
and the wax has now been removed.   There are still deposits that are
very difficult to remove. The still remain after using stripper, a floor
machine equiped with a brush and a hand grout brush. After using these, the
grout lines are still spotty  They break up ( after applying stripper) with
a pen knife. But I would hate to hand scrape every grout line on the floor.