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I have used a stripper/ degreaser to clean in the past. It depends upon how
deep the soot has penetrated into the stone. In some cases you may need to
apply a poultice to remove the soot from within the stone. Have you done ant
testing on the stone to see how it's going to clean ???

If you don't have a test kit made up I recommend everyone to have one. In
this test kit I would have the following items so I could perform a test on
when I did the sales call.

1. stripper/degreaser.
2. acid based cleaner
3. neutral based cleaner
4. scrub brushes
5. sealer and enhancer
6. razor blades
7  rags
8. safety glasses
9. rubber gloves

These are the key components you should always have when making a sales
call. This way you can actually perform a test and know what it take to
clean the surface. This kit works well for determining what finishes maybe
on flooring materials and how difficult it will be to remove the finish.
This then gives you the information you need to bid the job properly.

There may be some other item you may want to carry.
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Starting a job tomorrow cleaning the soot of white carerra fireplaces. What
should I use as a cleaner. Also want to color enhance after cleaning is this
a good plan ?
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