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Re: [sccpartners] Travertine Floor rmoore@americanstonecare.com (26 Apr 2010 14:38 EDT)

Re: [sccpartners] Travertine Floor rmoore@americanstonecare.com 26 Apr 2010 14:38 EDT

> Hello Everyone,  I have potential client called me and has 1,500sq' of
> Travertine they installed and want me to come in and grind down the
> lipage.
>  What do you guys charge to do this and restore it to original finish?  I
> know that I will have to some in and fill the holes etc.  Thanks Guys and
> Gals
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> Cheers,
> Austin Willis
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> www.acjstone.com
> www.concretepolishingmagazine.com
> www.floorsconcrete.com
> www.thesunlife.org
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> Austin,

Is the finish honed or polished? Akemi has a new liquid polish that is
unreal. I was with the factory rep. and poured acid on a black piece of
marble tile. Burned it real bad. After five passes with this polish (thats
right-no diamonds) the stone was shinning! Still can't believe it. Not a
crystalizer. Anyway- give some more detail about this deal.

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