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I would approach this job in the following manner.

First from the pictures there does not appear to be much damage. Therefore I
would start with a 220 grit diamond, test an area to make sure the damage is
removed with the 220 if so hone the floor with a 220.

After the 220 depending upon the stone many times you can polish with  5X
powders after the 220, again test an area to see if you achieve the finish
you are looking for.
If not hone to 400 and then polish with the 5x powder.

If you are going to polish after the 220 make sure you spend the proper time
to achieve a good honed finish before trying to polish.

Of you have problems with any picture framing you can aways hone with a 400
grit honing powder before polishing and this would handle any picture
framing issues you may have.

The key here is to spend the proper times when honing and polishing.

Hope this helps
John E. Freitag
The Stone and Tile School
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Not sure why this floor would need to be hit with a 120 ever. I must be
not seeing something.
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Debbie Shaw wrote:
> I'm biding on a job restoring pillow limestone. The pillow edging on
> this tile is not as severe as I have worked on other jobs. I was
> thinking about using 120 /220/400 then 5X with a Tampico Brush in
> traffic areas. 220 / 400 5X is non traffic areas. This stone is in a
> lobby of a condo high rise. Appreciate any feedback on my thought
> process to restoring the stone. Plus suggestions on what would you
> charge?
> See attached pictures!
> My next question is do you think going forward that they could
> maintain the stone with MB 8 and MB 10.
> Thanks,
> RK
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