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Looks like slate and the sealer is lifting, or the slate is spalling

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I was brought in on a Quartzite Tile shower. The homeowner was having problems with the shower floor turning whitish. 1st I thought it might be soap film, but turned out to be a High Gloss Coating. See attached picture. I removed the coating from the floor using a honing brush and a coating remove for acrylic finishes. . I’m now going to seal it with a coaler enhancer.

The problem is with the walls. When I used soap film remover on the lower parts of the walls, the coating started peeling away. My question is this. Can I remove the coating from the lower section and re-apply a High Gloss Sealer on one the walls? Or do I need to remove the coating from the entire shower? The reason I’m hesitant to remove the coating. Is that the bathroom floor and tub surround has the quartzite tile with the high gloss coating. If I remove it from the shower the areas will not match.

If I do need to remove the coating, what is the fastest way to get that junk off?

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