repair re-crystalize 11 Jun 2010 08:25 EDT


I have a small dilema.  We have a client with 28,000 sqft of marble
floors. Before we picked this account up the floors had been crystalized.
Do to the the expense of removing the crystalizer they decided to have us
maintain the floor in the same manner.

We were asked to remove some damage in the high traffic areas (around rec.
desk etc.) and here is where we have a question. After starting with 50
grit resins, and feathering up to 800, we polished with 5x - waited an
hour while working on another area, then re-crystalized.

The problem I need help with is the shadow between my repair and the old
crystalized surface.(it is only visible from 12-15 ft. away @ a certain
angle) I was not able to blend the area like I would with a polished floor
only. Is there any trick to blending crystalized areas? Also, the only
crystalizer we have used is from VMC and if someone can reccomend
something better- we are willing to try. Thanks in advance for your

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