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Is the grout sanded or non-sanded?  If the grout is sanded you could use the
Grout Perfect ColorSeal, this would make the grout water resistant, I'm not
sure it would be totally waterproof. My concern with waterproofing anything
outside ( Grout or Stone ) could cause problems. The material cannot breath.

Also Grout Perfect has a sealer that is called DUCKSBACK it'd the best
sealer I have seen for cement based products. Dick Pollock the founder of
Grout Perfect spray an area in front of my office door last year with  the
Ducksback sealer on the concrete. Everytime it rains the concrete around the
areas turn dark as it soaks up the rain. The area where the Ducksback Sealer
is stay nice and white and does not soak up the water, even after 1 year of
exposure to the Florida sun and rain. This product was developed for grout
in showers. This may be you answer.

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Goodmorning all,
I have a client, they are just finishing up building a home and asked if the
outside grout could be waterproofed. This is the contractor... He said they
already sealed it, it is 8 months old, and cementitious. I dont usually like
those words "waterproof" but figured i'd put it out there
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