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First what type of finish is currently on the floor? Is it a sealer? A waxed
based product? Before you can start putting down other sealers you need to
determine what's on the floor.

I understand the customer not wanting to go through another strip but, in
order to apply another sealer you will need to do a deep clean on the floor,
depending upon what sealer was used you could remove some of that sealer. I
recommend you test before you seal. Explain to the customer resealing the
floor my not give her the look she is looking for. if she still want to
reseal only then you could apply a acrylic based wax or there is a product
from Sparks Industry call Stone Glamour that is a solvent based sealer that
will add gloss. Using this product you may need to apply several coats.
Check for a local supplier, if you need to have this product shipped in due
to its solvent based make up it does require special handling and will cost
more than normal UPS shipping cost. Be sure to add these additional costs
into you pricing.

Hope this helps
John E. Freitag
The Stone and Tile School
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Can you recommend me a product other than sealer that can add gloss to
already sealed slate?
Customer doesn't want to go into headache associated with st reaping sealer
(very thin layer) off the slate. She also didn't like any samples that I
made this morning with 3 different sealers but for some reason she likes the
look of the waxed floor and doesn't care of the deficiency of this type of
finish. The slate is old black Jefferson slate and there is almost 400 sq ft
of it.
Adam Bartos
BiO Tile
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