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Have you allowed the floor to dry out from the grinding and polishing?? If
not the first thing I would do would be to let floor dry for several days,
then go back and polish it. My next question did you strip off the finish (
from Home Depot ) or did you just start honing?? If the finish has any
acrylic waxes in it, the problem you are having could be from the residue of
that is in the pores of the stone and the stone is clouding up instead of
polishing. Next question what diamond grit did the guys that ground the
floor with concrete diamonds leave the floor? Was it a 120, 220 , 400 ???
and what grit did you start at?? If you can answer some of these questions ,
then I think I can probably give you some additional instructions. As dr.
Fred told me many times you must be the detective. Find out what was done
then you can address the problem.

Looking forward to hearing your comments

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I have done this job 2x now... A terrible quality honed black granite was
put down on a floor. There was terrible lippage so they decided to have
their own guys level out just some edges with concrete grinding discs. Then
they enhanced the floor with something from homedepot. The client the wanted
the floor to be polished not honed. I honed and polished it 2x and when it
dries the tiles are a little cloudy but not through the whole piece. Is
there anything else i can do to make it all dark, shiny and uniform?
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