Re: [sccpartners] black absolute 25 Jun 2010 08:58 EDT

> A general contractor I have worked with in the past  asked me to look at a
> black absolute teller line (those huge counters in the  bank the tellers
> stand behind). The stone looks dull, abraded, in some  spots and fine in
> others
> (6 month old installation). I cant tell if the stone  was doctored or
> what.
> The are evaluating their options,(I am helping them  evaluate ...). I
> tried
> crystalizing with dark polishing powder which helped  somewhat but did not
> solve the problem. There are still areas where there is  dullness etc.
> Obviously a full restoration is preferred but they might not  go for the
> price.
> Is there any topical that anyone knows of that can "even out"  or mask
> these
> inconsistent spots?? The bank is pissed and the contractor wants  to deal
> with this quickly and move on. How did I get caught in the middle  ??
> Paul  Bunis
> Xtremeclean Tile - Boston Stone Restoration
> Specialty Stone  Care
> 781-793-0700
> 617-719-8454
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> Paul,

There was a time when I would walk if my clients had issues with Black
Absolute. No more. I agree with the advice given by our experts but would
like to offer another alternative.  Akemi has developed a NEW liquid
polish for marble and granite that work like a charm. (not crystalizer!)

We took a piece of black marble, poured acid on it and burned it bad. The
Akemi rep., using ONLY this polish- 4-5 applications, polished the burn
right out of the marble. I could not believe my eyes. If you have trouble
locating this product give me a call. Good luck.

Ron Moore, President
American Stone Care, Inc.
16458 Lone Oak Place
Hamilton, VA. 20158
540-338-5559 o
301-602-2307 c