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Some thoughts to share. If you are truly interested in helping them
evaluate, may I suggest that you or the bank or someone determine why
some areas are duller and others not. Is it where the lines form? How
is the floor maintained? Does it get vacuumed, dust mopped, damp
mopped properly and how often? Are there walk-off mats at the
entrances? What kind of traffic count does this bank have?

It is nice to be able to repair the floor like John Freitag explained
but if the repair does not last due to neglect in the above mentioned
maintenance department... it may mean you getting caught in the middle
for a longer period.

John or Fred? Is it possible to feather in the damaged areas so as not
to process the whole floor before due time?


J. Palacio

On Jun 24, 2010, at 10:20 PM, wrote:

> A general contractor I have worked with in the past  asked me to
> look at a
> black absolute teller line (those huge counters in the  bank the
> tellers
> stand behind). The stone looks dull, abraded, in some  spots and
> fine in others
> (6 month old installation). I cant tell if the stone  was doctored
> or what.
> The are evaluating their options,(I am helping them  evaluate ...).
> I tried
> crystalizing with dark polishing powder which helped  somewhat but
> did not
> solve the problem. There are still areas where there is  dullness etc.
> Obviously a full restoration is preferred but they might not  go for
> the price.
> Is there any topical that anyone knows of that can "even out"  or
> mask these
> inconsistent spots?? The bank is pissed and the contractor wants  to
> deal
> with this quickly and move on. How did I get caught in the middle  ??
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