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>From the pictures it appears that the only reason the floor has a various
finishes isdue to the pervious maintenance. You are dealing with several
different type of lime stone all with different hardness. Therefore in the
past it appeared that the stone had different finished but in reality the
stone just wore differently giving the stone the look of different finishes.

I would have no problem using diamond on this floor. First I would find out
what the customer is looking for? A nice honed finish? A polished finish?

Once you have determined the customer what and needs then you can properly
bid the job and complete based upon what the customer told you. Sometime you
may need to do a sample for that customer to see the different options.

If they are looking for a polish finish, hone it polish it with 5X and more
on to the next job. If they want it honed use diamond if necessary to remove
the damage, then finish with a honing powder and seal.

Hope this helps, any other questions please advise

John E. Freitag
The Stone and Tile School
Office 407-567-7652
Cell 407-615-0134

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Suggestions on servicing a limestone floor. Please see attached picture. I
have a job for a condo lobby that has limestone with various finishes. So
using diamonds are not a viable option. In the past I have serviced the
floor with Miracle Sealants Liquid Poultice to clean the floor followed with
polishing with 5X.  They have been pleased with the results in the past. But
I fill that eventually my luck will run. I have noticed on jobs in the past
to really clean the limestone that the surface needed to be cut. They are
looking for the floor to be cleaned and polished to a nice gloss.
I would appreciate any suggestions on servicing this floor.
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